Company Profile

Euromed overview

Euromed is an Egyptian leading manufacturer, which offers a wide range of medical products established in 2002 and has considerably grown over the years. Euromed head office is located in Cairo, the business capital, in the industrial zone of Nasr City, which is considered by government institutions to be a reference center of industry in the state, covering an area of 2200m as class 100.000 clean room.

Euromed owns and operates 23,000 square feet manufacturing facility in the industrial zone in Cairo, Egypt, with a clean room area class 100.000 including an in-house ETO sterilization facility where a highly standards of quality aspects are applied in the manufacturing of the world high class medical products.

Quality control is of paramount importance at Euromed industry; it is the underlying factor between every phase of Euromed operation and involves raw materials and processed goods. In statistical process, quality control process parameters are monitored and recorded with Euromed careful monitoring team who consistently ensure & guarantee high quality material.

Considering the customer satisfaction and the world requirements as Euromed quality parameters and benchmark, range of products have been introduced in many markets among the world including Europe, South America, Africa, Asia & Middle East.


Euromed aims to provide their customers a value added services and exceed their expectations through the consistent delivery of world class products.



Euromed is maintaining its advanced edge by investing in human resources, research & development in order to deliver the world solutions and a high standard product at competitive price.



At Euromed for medical industries, Euromed believe that development and comitment are key words for success, That’s why we ‘re so proud to offer such an outstanding array of medical devices.

Since the inception of Euromed in 2002 through a consortium of pioneer companies in the field of medical devices in Egypt and the company is conducting a fruitful business opportunities on the global scale.



Euromed aided in afforestation EL Gamalya neighborhood in Cairo with the aid of government five years ago and re-implementation of the project again now.

Euromed is Supporting 3,000 families by a complete idea of care in the poorest areas around Egypt.

Mr. Mohamed Ismail Abdou, Euromed Chairman, progress-awakening nation project of the Council of Ministers for the elimination of poverty and unemployment and has been initiated in the implementation of the project in nine villages for now.