Working at Euromed


Career building:

Your career and development at Euromed is a partnership between you and your manager, reinforced by Passion and trust. As much as we’re here to support you, we believe your career is an individual adventure. You are the one who drive their career development plan while your manager only assists and coaches you, and we provide a framework with the tools and resources you need to succeed, one thing is certain, you’ll never stand still at Euromed.

Euromed doesn’t focus only on customer satisfaction but on its employee’s retention and motivation as well. At Euromed for medical industries, we believe that development & commitment are key words for success.

No matter how much successful Euromed have become; it is because of its devoted and committed people who lead the way, facing all the possible challenges to enhance and maintain Euromed’s position. Ambitioned by more and more success to come.

Euromed Teams:

Euromed is blessed with talented staff and managers in each and every department we have a variety of teams to choose from.

Accounting and Finance

The Accounting and finance team helps guide what we can accomplish as a company by providing business and economic expertise to engineering, sales, marketing, operations and many other organizations across Microsoft. Whether analyzing the economics of a product, doing in-country performance management or diving into technical accounting and tax intricacies, this skilled group enables profitable growth and helps plan for an exciting future. Our finance professionals drive fiscal management both locally and globally, from the product to corporate level, finding ample opportunities to follow their interests and enhance their financial acumen while having a real impact on critical business decisions.


The Admin team provides valuable help throughout the organization, as it helps maintain the company’s structure and setting everything in order from answering phone calls, documenting files to greeting clients and managing diaries.

Human Resources

The Human Resources team is responsible for staffing, compensation, benefits, organizational development and workplace culture.


The Marketing team reaches and engages with consumers from promoting till after sale, going to medical fairs to promote our products globally and through our social media platforms, perform market research that helps the company as a whole to move forward.


The sales team is our backbone, as they negotiate with our customers and fulfill the intended sales targets set by the top management.


The Quality team is the one responsible for Euromed’s reputation and success all over the years as they provide control, assurance and are responsible for overseeing day-to-day test preparation and execution activities, including resource scheduling, team communications and status reporting as well as promoting and overseeing use of established best practices, policies, and procedures.


The production team turns the raw materials into Euromed high quality diversified products. The production team works with many teams including the procurement team in which to ensure that enough materials are on the production line and to ensure replacement of any broken equipment.


The Engineering team ensures that equipment and machines are properly designed, selected and installed. Maintenance of the factory as a whole to make sure everything is performing effectively and efficiently.


The Procurement team issues purchase orders, develops term contracts, and acquires supplies and services.

Supply chain

Our supply chain team is divided into Logistics , warehouse and Custom clearance they make sure that our partners will receive their order on time by planning delivery timetables, ensuring stores have enough stock ,overseeing the ordering and packaging process ,monitoring stock levels ,tracking products through depots to make sure they arrive at their destination and finally overseeing arrival of shipments.